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High security nuke site can’t keep out nuns

This New York City-born nun, who taught school in Africa for years, has already been arrested more than 40 times for civil disobedience. But this latest operation required her to complete tasks worthy of James Bond: Rice and her two partners made their way through the wooded Oak Ridge compound in Tennessee, using bolt cutters to get past fences and dodging armed guards and motion sensors.

via Meet the 82-year-old nun who just committed the worst nuclear security breach in U.S. history | Grist.

Sister Rice is 82.

There’s only one thing that will stop a wild pack of nuns and that thing is five or ten thermonuclear devices.

Oil Demand in the Developing World
August 15, 2012, 01:47
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Continued to rise even as prices doubled, tripled…Explained in a nice little article by Rapier..

The 20th barrel the average person in the U.S. consumes each year might allow us to drive that 12,000th mile. But the first barrel that someone in a developing country consumes might allow them to drive that very first mile and have heat in their home for the first time. They will be willing to pay a lot more for those initial barrels than we are for our excess barrels, and this explains why their consumption has increased even as oil prices have risen.

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