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Colorado Trail Race is On

Live Tracker:

12 NOON Fri: Passant went to bed on Kennebec Pass last night with about an 8-mile lead over Branham. Branham, who apparently does not sleep, passed Passant in the night and arrived in Durango first. Denver to Durango in under 4 days. Amazing.

12 Midnight Wed/Thurs: It’s turned into a 3 man race — EP, JJ and JB. Kerkove is headed to Saguache, not a good sign.

UPDATE 11:00 AM Wed.: I guess Jakomait is still in it (transponder problem), and riding like a banshee. Branham somehow takes over the lead, Jakomait second, Passant third as they roll through the Cochetopa Hills. Cat Morrison is in eighth overall.

UPDATE 7:09 PM Tuesday: Passant way out front. J.Jakomait is riding not far behind Passant and appears on the leaderboard but I think he’s out of the race, as his transponder was tracked on the highway at 50 mph. If you know what’s up please leave a comment below.

UPDATE 2:47 PM Tuesday: Passant is still killing it after riding from Waterton to the top of Searle Pass in one day, and is about to jump on the nicest portion of the trail (arguably), between Cottonwood and the big Chalk. Jefe B. is staying in it by not sleeping, although he appears to be hanging out in B.V. Cat Morrison is currently 8th but if some dudes don’t get rollin, will be moving up the standings. Jakomait and Taylor are out of it, not sure what happened.

UPDATE 7:11 PM: Passant has a solid lead and is climbing Miner’s Creek. Kerkove has moved into second and is beginning the climb. Meanwhile, back at Georgia Pass, Cat Morrison has taken over the women’s lead.

UPDATE 2:26: Jeez..Neither Passant nor Kerkove appear to have actually stopped…Looks like a transponder problem. Both dots pop up way down the trail. Passant still leading JJ now on Georgia Pass section.

UPDATE 2:12 PM: Passant stopped on the singletrack, now joined by Kerkove and K. Thomas as Jakomait goes into the lead. It’s a marathon not a sprint!
UPDATE 2 PM: Kerkove appears stuck on Kenosha Pass (285), passed by two riders and about to be passed by somebody named Wendy.

As of 1:30 PM Monday, race started this morning, Passant with Jakomait pursuing just turned onto the Kenosha-Georgia section. Kerkove is in fourth, still climbing 285. Wendy Skean is in 6th place overall after 50 miles of singletrack and dirt roads and some highway. Cat Morrison is 15th overall.

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Exxon, Chevron, Total, Statoil Stoke Fires in Kurdistan as Tony Hayward Waits for Pipe

The Kurdish region plans to increase output to 2 million barrels a day by 2019, Michael Howard, an adviser to Kurdistan Natural Resources Minister Ashti Hawrami, said in a June 10 phone interview. It has signed energy agreements with about 50 companies and plans to increase output to 1 million barrels a day by 2015 from about 300,000 barrels a day now, he said.

Kurdish authorities recognize production-sharing agreements, which give investors a share of any oil they may produce, whereas Iraq’s Oil Ministry offers only fee-based service contracts. This has attracted interest from investors such as Norway’s Statoil ASA (STL) that are unhappy with the central government’s contract terms for exploration and production.

Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and Total SA (FP) are flouting warnings by the government against seeking separate deals with the Kurds, whom Iraq’s Oil Ministry accuses of “smuggling” oil from the country.

via Tony Hayward Loads Trucks With Kurdish Oil Awaiting Pipe: Energy – Bloomberg.

Denver Bike Map 2012

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More on China Buying Up Canadian “Oil Sands”

Recall that American consumers are (strongly) encouraged to think of Canadian production as domestic production.

CNOOC’s blockbuster deal for Nexen, if nothing else, is a stark indication of how far the goal posts have moved not only for Canada’s oil patch, but also for world oil demand. Only four or five years ago, the notion that a state-owned Chinese company could buy—lock, stock and barrel of bitumen—one of Canada’s premier oil names was politically unthinkable. Any such deal was sure to be turned down by Ottawa under its Foreign Investment Review Act (not to mention the hue and cry that would come from Alberta’s provincial government).

Today, that’s all changed. CNOOC’s $15-billion offer for Nexen follows a number of major foreign transactions in Canada’s energy sector. Among others, Malaysian energy giant Petronas is paying $5.5-billion to get at Progress Energy’s natural gas reserves in British Columbia. Earlier this year, PetroChina completed a two-pronged deal for Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. that tallied $2.5-billion. In 2010, Sinopec paid $4.65-billion for a 9 percent stake in Syncrude, which runs Alberta’s largest oilsands mine.

via CNOOC’s Nexen Bid Shows How Far Goal Posts Have Moved | Jeff Rubin.

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Bike of the Day: Neil’s Oschner
July 24, 2012, 01:32
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This shiny beauty takes me back to the days when I would drool over catalogs from Cinelli, Zeus, Puch, Graftek — actually wouldn’t drool over the Graftek, just stare as one would at a circus freak — Columbine, Ciocc…

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document the atrocities

Go Pro … or Go Paranoid?

If you ride bikes regularly: Sickening video clips of car-bike crashes.

If you write Hollywood scripts: Comedy gold!

How Reliable Are the D.O.T.’s VMT Numbers?

I have no idea. Just throwing that out there as a question.

I do know that quantifying the total amount of driving that has occurred on “all roads” by an entire population is necessarily a dark art, prone to wild extrapolations.

Currently not falling off a cliff, according to DOT.

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