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Three Popular Strava Segments
December 31, 2013, 19:24
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Chargers’ Chances

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Is this correct? Pretty amazin.

Proposed Cycle Routes for Central London
December 21, 2013, 13:05
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london routes proposed

Bike Cops

Should be on much lighter, quicker bikes. Not heavy cheap (in many cases, full suspension) mountain bikes with sluggish tires and racks and the whole nine. But nobody listens to me.

Cops on bicycles aren\’t always taken as seriously as their brethren in police cruisers, probably because they don\’t look as cool pedaling and wearing bike helmets. But they\’re every bit as tough as colleagues who travel with the help of four wheels instead of two — and in Aurora, they definitely have the special skills needed to shoot over a pair of handlebars. The Aurora Police Facebook page, which regularly shares vivid pics (check out our post spotlighting badass Aurora cops of the 1980s) recently posted images of bike-patrol firearms training at the Debra Sue Corr Police Training Center to \”certify officers in the use of the police mountain bikes for patrol operations.\” Mess with them at your peril.

via Photos: Aurora police train to shoot from a bike.

The only thing slower than a bike cop’s fully loaded low-end mountain bike is, possibly, a B-cycle bike.

I understand the point of putting cops on bikes. Cruising slow is a huge part of the job. But often they need to speed somewhere as quickly as possible. They don’t.

Messengers carry MORE STUFF than cops. Messengers in slow-cruise mode are faster than bike cops in hurry mode. It has a lot to do with equipment choice.

Take some of that homeland security money and buy some rigid forks.

Iraqi Civilian Casualties
December 11, 2013, 07:00
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This is Vaughters’ story
December 10, 2013, 19:49
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…to explain why a team stacked with old dopers (who all claim to have stopped using just about exactly however many years ago matches the statute of limitations, by zany coincidence) has been so successful while doping is still an acknowledged issue in the sport:

Sponsorship keeps the whole operation going, And once you had that, the doping started to stop, the level came down a little bit and all of a sudden we started winning races.

via Colorado Cyclist Jonathan Vaughters dishes on The Armstrong Lie, doping and Lance.


Are you buying that?

Specialized bullies small shop owner over name “Roubaix”
December 8, 2013, 13:02
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Getting blasted on Twitter and elsewhere. Lacking a real defense.

Richter was notified earlier this year by “Specialized Canada” that his bike shop’s name infringes on Specialized’s Canadian trademark of the name “Roubaix.” Yup. Specialized’s engineers made a nice bike and after they did, the douchebags™ in the legal department went ahead and registered the name of that French city as theirs. They couldn’t do it in the U.S., but they’re aggressively “protecting” the name up there in the Great White North.

via The Explainer: Because I @#$%ing hate bullies : Red Kite Prayer.