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The Peak Beckons

Been to the summit several times on foot and once in an automobile. Can’t wait to ride my bike up that ridiculous road.

7NEWS – Pikes Peak Highway to open to cyclists Jan. 1 – News Story.

But — Jan. 1? The road is open? …. weird…. we are doomed … but sure should be a fun ride… ugh…


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This is terrific news. Had planned on someday doing the annual hillclimb, but now I can just tack it onto the next visit.

Comment by aaronwest

Oh, this is not to be missed if you like climbing. I would guess that Pikes Peak would be more difficult, more intense and ultimately more fun than Mt. Evans, if you’ve ever done that one. And when you get to the top you can have donuts and load up on souvenirs.

Comment by roberthurst

I climbed Mt Evans this past summer. No donuts at the top, but it was still an epic experience. It seems that PP has more elevation over fewer miles, so probably a little more challenging than Evans. Can’t wait.

Comment by aaronwest

I haven’t ridden it yet, but having driven the road and ridden Evans, it seems like Pikes Peak could be a more strenuous climb. The road is also more ‘intense’ you might say as there are plenty of spots above timberline where it feels narrow and exposed, whereas Evans never really reaches that point. The bottom portion of Pikes Peak highway might not be quite as interesting as the bottom part of Evans, which is really scenic and pleasant.

I’m with ya, I can’t wait. Well, I can wait a little bit, like until summer… and doing a lot of climbing work before that wouldn’t hurt me either.. Otherwise it would be brutal.

Comment by roberthurst

Evans isn’t too narrow, but the road is pretty chewed up and the descent is not fun. I have some decent pics here: Not sure how Pikes compares in that department. Yes, it’ll require a lot of training, and laying off the donuts until you get to the top.

Comment by aaronwest

I would definitely expect a less than smooth surface up there. It used to be mostly dirt of course; I think it’s paved all the way to the top now. But the new pavement only stays smooth for a few months in that environment.

Idaho Springs to Echo Lake is one of my favorite rides. Reminds me of Yellowstone. When you come around again you should try riding to Echo Lake from the Evergreen/Squaw Pass direction, if you haven’t already. Doing Squaw Pass and Evans together would be a big climbing day, probably too big for me.

Btw I just put together a new guidebook which includes a Squaw Pass-Echo Lake ride, Best Bike Rides Denver and Boulder. It’s a combined road/mountain bike guide for the Denver and Boulder area. Should be out some time in 2013, can’t say exactly when.

Comment by roberthurst

That guide book sounds great. I’ll get a copy and will post the link on my website (which has a lot of climbing addict readers). Will keep my eye out for it.

Comment by aaronwest

Thanks! That would probably triple my sales…

Comment by roberthurst

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