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Avoiding ‘looked but failed to see’
February 16, 2013, 13:01
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Helman, Weare, Palmer and Fernandez-Medina, “Literature review of interventions to improve conspicuity of motorcyclists and help avoid ‘looked but failed to see’ accidents,” 2012.

A really nice overview of motorcyclist conspicuity studies, with this nugget at the very end:

Special thanks are due to Cris Burgess for reviewing an earlier draft of this report. During the period of time when reviewing the draft, Cris was riding his motorcycle to work and was struck from behind by a bus. Thankfully, Cris sustained only minor injuries in the collision. The irony of the fact that at the time of the collision he was wearing a bright orange high-visibility jacket, and riding a motorcycle with daytime running lights, is not lost on the authors.

Using lights during the day, wearing hi-vis clothing, helps. It does not work reliably, however, as the effectiveness of the extra measure(s) will depend very much on the background and other aspects of the immediate environment, which are constantly changing.


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