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18-year low oil demand. 18 million barrels per day.

18 and I like it.

U.S. Oil Demand Fell to 18-Year Low for January, API Says – Bloomberg.



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A great reference post with a great cover. I remember when I was eighteen. I remember singing “I’m Eighteen” when I was only sixteen. Alas, this whole time thing……we can’t stop it, we can’t slow it down. In fact I would be happy if I was only 40 again.

Anyway. Oil. Yea. If we are using so little why are gas prices so high? If we ae using so little why isn’t surplus through the roof? I’ll tell you why? Because it’s not enough. It’s never enough. It never will be enough. Peak Oil is imminent. Thanks.

……..feels like I’m living in the middle of doubt…..I’m Eighteen

Comment by informationforager

Ever see that movie Prince of Darkness? Not necessarily a great movie, but it does have Alice Cooper in it.

“‘Our transmitters are not strong enough to reach your conscious state…'”

Comment by roberthurst

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