Industrialized Cyclist Notepad

Who’s at fault?

Drivers in Adelaide, according to a study of police reports there:

T-intersections were the most dangerous locations for crashes, followed by straight roads, and signalled intersections.

Drivers were at fault in 79 per cent of crashes and cyclists 21 per cent.

via Four in every five crashes between cars and bicycles caused by driver of car | adelaidenow.

Will this knowledge finally spark the crackdown on scofflaw cyclists that we so desperately need to finally cease any and all terrorizing of little old ladies by these unabashed two-wheeled hellions? Let us pray.


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As a cyclist who has been hit by a driver when he was at fault this does not surprise me. How can we as cyclists avoid getting hit and helping drivers become more aware of us?

Comment by domenicognicosia

Thanks for the comment.

Essentially it comes down to defensive driving for cyclists. Expectations have to match reality. My book Art of Cycling has some really good tips.

Comment by roberthurst

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