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Tar sands mining: peatland destroyed and stored carbon released

They also say that the peatlands under consideration are currently holding on to 11-47 million metric tons of carbon that will be released into the atmosphere as part of the mining process. And then, because the mining companies plan to return the land to dry forest instead of the original peatlands, the area will lose the ability to sequester carbon in the future; this they say will add up to about 5,700-7,200 mt of carbon each year, which they say should be looked at as a net gain of carbon emissions each year.



Oil sands mining and reclamation cause massive loss of peatland and stored carbon.

PetroChina in Canadian oil sands
January 16, 2012, 13:54
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Oil & Gas Journal: “Petrochina snaps up…”..

Throws a new light on that supplier, eh.