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Two Uncontained Engine Failures on Boeing Jets in One Day

Not just the incident over Broomfield, Colorado, but this one also (via

“A Longtail Aviation Boeing 747-400F diverted to Liege after one of the engine’s caught fire, sending out a loud bang.

The aircraft was operating flight LGT5504 from Maastricht Aachen Airport to New York. The aircraft departed from Maastricht at 4:11 pm.

After its engine caught fire and lost pieces of turbine blades shortly after departure, the aircraft entered into a holding pattern at 10,000 feet and diverted to Liege Airport.”

BREAKING Turbine blades of a Boeing 747-400F’s engine fell on several parked cars



I’ll take one with the Hush Kit, for “undetectable low altitude flying.” And you could put just about anything you want in the payload bay…as long as it’s not too heavy. This is a small aircraft:

Endurance: 24+ hours
Ceiling: 19,500 ft / 5,944 m
Max horizontal speed: 80 knots / 41 m/s
Cruise speed: 48 knots / 25 m/s
System features
Propulsion: 1.9 hp (1.4 kw), 2-stroke engine
Fuel: Gasoline (100-octane, unleaded, non-oxygenated gas) or heavy fuel (JP5, JP8, Jet-A)
Navigation: GPS / Inertial
Launch: Pneumatic catapult
Recovery: SkyHook wing-tip capture
Wingspan: 10.2 ft / 3.11 m
Length: 4.5 ft / 1.37 m
Empty structure weight: 28.8 lb / 13.1 kg
Max takeoff weight: 44.0 lb / 20.0 kg
– AIS for maritime domain awareness
– Heavy fuel engine with 28 hours endurance
– Hush engine for reduced acoustic signature
– Mid-wave IR sensor for increased nighttime resolution – Mode C Transponder for aircraft deconfliction
– ROVER support

via the ScanEagle Product Card (pdf):


The Iranians say they captured one of these things.

The ScanEagle is an “off the shelf” spy plane manufactured by Insitu, a unit of U.S.-based Boeing. The company also supplies and operates drones for customers in several Middle Eastern countries, including to help ensure oil platform security in the Gulf, according to its website.

The U.S. military has been using the ScanEagle spy planes since 2004 and they have become a relatively inexpensive way for the United States and others to conduct surveillance.

Jill Vacek, a spokeswoman for Boeing subsidiary Insitu, said the company had built 1,685 of the aircraft. Other military customers include Canada, Australia, Poland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, as well as “other U.S. Department of Defense customers,” she said.

via Iran says it captures drone; U.S. denies losing one | Reuters.

Create your own jet graphics
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On the Boeing web site.

I did, for Obysmal Airlines.

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It was a week for manufacturing defects. First San Onofre and now this.

Business & Technology | Boeing finds another 787 manufacturing problem | Seattle Times Newspaper.