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Fracking is old technology

America’s latest oil rush was spurred by new technology that has made drilling faster, cheaper and better at unleashing oil from rock formations,…

That is false. Fracking (the oil guys always called it ‘fracing’) is old technology. Many decades old. But it’s an expensive way to get oil, relatively speaking. So it hasn’t been prudent to frack/frac for shale oil until the overall situation reached a certain point where the price of a barrel of crude was likely to remain above the cost of extraction. In other words, the fracking boom in the U.S. does not signal the death of Peak Oil. It is in fact part and parcel of a new era wherein cheap oil is a memory, a much more expensive era in energy. Perhaps that is why the misinformation campaign has been in overdrive.

via Asjylyn Loder, “American Oil Growing Most Since First Well Signals Independence,” Bloomberg..

Spreading disinformation through the media is even older technology.

Doom Porn
May 3, 2012, 05:00
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Kunstler is always a fun read. Well-informed too. But he is a glass-half-empty kind of guy.

He’s got a new one coming out, apparently calling us out for our magical thinking about ‘technology,’ which is a good idea.

And there’s an interview on DisinfoCast here:

Chris Cook’s take on oil prices

…has little to do with geology, EROI and all that, and everything to do with manipulation by market players. An interesting take, although I don’t get on board with any analyst that completely ignores an entire wing of the mental hospital of energy ideas.

I believe in science
December 31, 2011, 04:58
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Found myself in strong agreement with this blog post from Tom Murphy.