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Verbruggen happy
January 18, 2013, 19:23
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“…in favor of the wider profile he could give the sport.” Also: In favor of six-figure cash awards.

Verbruggen, who has been accused of turning a blind eye to Armstrong’s activities in favor of the wider profile he could give the sport, insisted that on his watch the UCI “had always fought against doping.”

via Verbruggen happy Armstrong denied UCI doping complicity.

I mean, Lance tell Orpah no hanky panky, so must be true. Right guys? Yah! Okay! — Hein Verbruggen

The Same People

Beware of silver-tongued demonweasels in fashionable eyeglasses.

From an interview with Joerg Jaksche on Aussie ABC:


Jaksche explains how he was introduced to doping by his team manager, and supplied with EPO by his team doctor (not US Postal). He explains how the drug makes the difference between being “permanently dropped” or being able to race. He explains the easy justification for pro riders — “everybody was doing it.” And then he explains the absurd level of hypocrisy which drove him to finally tell all:

The same people who brought me to Fuentes [notorious blood-doping Spanish doctor] and asked me to do EPO doping or use other performance enhancing drugs, they were the same people who suddenly started a movement for credible cycling — and were pointing the finger at us riders.