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Stupid is Bipartisan

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee’s decision today to approve Rep. Cory Gardner’s bill aimed at increasing liquified natural gas exports has Republicans crowing because his November opponent, Democrat Mark Udall, plans to introduce an identical bill in the Senate.

via Rep. Cory Gardner's energy bill passes, to Republicans' delight.

From the Department of Did He Just Say That

“Our people want to know why the flood of new domestic crude oil isn’t lowering prices at the pump,” said Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat and chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. “There is no question that the lower oil costs are not getting through to Americans’ wallets.”

via Senators Grill Refiners Over High Prices Amid Oil Boom – Bloomberg.

If Wyden is this clueless about energy — what “lower oil costs”? — it does not give a fellar confidence that he is an effective guardian of civil liberties (Wyden is on the Senate Intelligence Committee which is supposedly a check on the executive branch’s surveillance fetish). Is he just trying to get someone from the industry to admit the truth, or is he really that out of it.

Energy Expert Randy Udall’s body recovered in Wyoming

A big loss for his family and everyone else.

Randy Udall had hiked the Wind River Range in Wyoming for more than 30 years, often going up once a month to fish and climb. His climbing exploits, along with many others, were chronicled in the book “Climb: Tales of Man Versus Boulder, Crag, Wall and Peak.” He always left his route details with family, and early indications are that he stuck to the plan on this hike as well.

A long-time advocate for renewable energy, Udall helped found the nonprofit Community Office for Resource Energy Efficiency, which promotes the use of renewable energy in western Colorado. He also was the co-founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas and was one of the oil experts interviewed by the National Petroleum Council when they researched their 2007 report called the “Hard Truths about Energy.”

via Body of Sen. Mark Udall's brother, Randy, recovered in Wyoming – The Denver Post.