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The new definition of 40%.

The 2009 study [National Household Travel Survey] showed 40 percent of trips recorded by more than 300,000 participants were two miles or less.

The statistic incorporated all forms of transportation — cars, bicycles, subways and more, said Doug Hecox, a spokesman for the Federal Highway Administration.


If one simply focuses on car trips, the percentage of short trips increases significantly.

According to the research, 69.1 percent of trips were two miles or less, Hecox said.

via Driving When You Could Bike: Fact Check – Voice of San Diego: San Diego Fact Check.


One in a thousand

…workers bike-commutes in the American South, according to the Alliance for Biking and Walking. Their 2012 Benchmarking Report based on US Census numbers.

I see that as potential. Lots of it. Just like people (people who generally haven’t thought much about the future of liquid fuels) look at China and see potential for a new dawn of the motoring dream. Bicycle-commuting only has one way to go in much of the US. It’s primarily a cultural thing.

U.S. bike commuting 2000-2010
December 18, 2011, 05:18
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From League of American Bicyclists.

Notice how the largest percent increases occurred in cities that were already big bike cities.

Denver is right up there among US cycling cities
December 6, 2011, 23:14
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…with a whopping 2.2% mode share.

From and the Community Survey.