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A new fire in the North Sea; blowout in Russia; hacking in Iran; pipeline problems in Turkey; accelerated violence in South Sudan… What I miss?

Big Oil vs. Big Gas

Kochs don’t like govt. picking winners and losers — especially if the losers are them.

The idea of using the tax code to spur conversion of trucking fleets has support from many Democrats and Republicans, and enjoys some powerful backers.

They include billionaire energy magnate T. Boone Pickens, Reid and President Obama, who touted his own natural-gas vehicles plan in a Wednesday speech. (A White House spokesman couldn’t be reached for comment on the Senate proposal specifically.)

But groups influential in GOP circles including Heritage Action (an arm of the Heritage Foundation), the Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Prosperity have long been battling the natural-gas plan.

via Natural-gas tax fight between Koch, Pickens reaches Senate floor – The Hill's E2-Wire.

Mexico’s oil exports slip lower

I guess they haven’t heard that Peak Oil is dead. Once they get word, exports should jolly well pick right back up again.

State-owned Pemex said Friday the country exported 1.191 million barrels per day in the first month of 2012, the lowest level in 19 months and a drop from the 1.282 million bpd shipped in December.

The company sent 1.254 million bpd to refineries in Mexico in January, compared with 1.164 million in December.

via UPDATE 2-Mexico's January oil exports lowest since mid-2010 | Reuters.