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Hurst on chain maintenance

My non-standard views on chains and cleaning chains, posted recently on the blog:

Rousseau said: Men are born free but everywhere are in chains. A profound observation which foretold the bicycle craze. Then Aretha came along and said: Chain-chain-chain, chain of fools. Which sums it all up quite a bit better in my opinion.

The invention of the chain drive in the 1880s (almost exactly halfway between Rousseau and Aretha) enabled bicyclists to escape the purgatory of the highwheeler era, during which their pedals were shackled directly to those comically large front wheels. Along with Dunlop’s pneumatic tire, Starley’s addition of a chain and gears to the bicycle was certainly one of the most important waypoints in the entire history of personal transportation. The chain drive was a revolution in personal freedom and human dignity.

Not long after the miraculous chain drive took over, however, inventors were thinking of ways to put it out of business. Chains were hardly perfect, after all. They were greasy and needed frequent lubrication, and occasionally tried to take your finger off, realities that diminished the marketing glow of the new form of transportation.

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Best Bike Rides Denver Boulder

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Includes almost all the off-road rides in the vicinity and a lot of really cool road rides, mostly on the easy side.

On the cover: coasting down Flagstaff Mountain.

You’re thinking about riding your bike to work
June 1, 2013, 12:13
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The Bicycle Commuter’s Handbook by Robert Hurst

Learn to Mountain Bike




Hurst Quoted in Costco Connection Magazine

Big Time Stuff, y’all.

Costco Connection – May 2013 – Page 48-49.

…Some helmets offer more protection, with harder shells and fewer ventilation holes, but will not be as comfortable for long rides, says Robert Hurst, the author of several bicycle-related books, including The Bicycle Commuter’s Handbook (FalconGuides, 2013). “You don’t need to spend a ton of cash to get a decent helmet, but steer clear of bargain-bin knock-offs that haven’t been certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,” he says.

New Denver/Boulder bicycling guidebook coming out

Just sent it off to the publisher. A combined road and mountain bike guide with 40 full ride descriptions and a few dozen additional mini-descriptions. Best Bike Rides Denver and Boulder. Rejected subtitle: Oh Yeah Baby.

A few places in the book:

Take a little time out from the collapse of civilization

…and download a preview of my new book! The Art of Mountain Biking: Singletrack Skills for All Riders: