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Public disagreements

Even in a totalitarian government they can’t get their stories together.

“Saudi Arabia’s national production management scheme is set to increase total capacity to 15 million barrels per day and have an export potential of 10 [million] barrels per day by 2020,” Prince Faisal, a former Saudi ambassador to the US and UK said in a speech at the Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs of Harvard University. The speech was delivered last week and posted on the centre’s website late Monday.

The prince clarified his position in an email on Tuesday. “Saudi consumption may reach five million barrels of oil by then [2020], hence the production capacity of fifteen million barrels,” is required to maintain country’s export potential, he said.

Saudi Arabia would be lucky to go past production of 9 million barrels a day by 2020 and, “we don’t see anything like 15 million barrels a day before 2030, 2040,” said Naimi in an appearance at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC Tuesday.

via Rift emerges over Saudi oil policy |

Notice in this article and others how any potential increase or decrease in Saudi oil production is always portrayed as a matter of policy, not geology.


Saudi Arabian women can ride bikes, sort of

The kingdom’s religious police are now allowing women to ride bikes in parks and recreational areas.

However, they have to be accompanied by a male relative and dressed in the full Islamic head-to-toe abaya.

via Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women riding motorbikes and bicycles | Mail Online.

No cycling for transportation of course. Not in the Big Gas Station. A strange policy considering that every time somebody gets into a car in SA, it comes straight out of the profits of the princes.

I guess the Saudi religious police have never heard of ‘bicycle smile.’

Saudi Arabia gets high on its own supply

Leaving less for our late-night Taco Bell runs.

DUBAI, Nov 19 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia burned record volumes

of crude oil over the summer, official government figures show,

contrary to its aim of using more gas for power generatation to

reduce wastage of crude that it could export.

During the peak period from early June through September,

Saudi Arabia burned an average of 763,250 barrels per day (bpd)

of crude, compared to an average of 701,250 bpd last year and

747,750 bpd in the previous record summer of 2010, official

government data issued on Sunday under the Joint Oil Data

Initiative (JODI) shows.

via Saudi summer oil burning hits record high in 2012 -JODI – Yahoo! News.