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‘sharrows on steroids’
November 21, 2013, 14:37
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In Boston…

Sort of like an idea I laid out in Cyclist’s Manifesto.

A new set of street markings on Allston’s Brighton Avenue aren’t simply an errant set of dashes installed by city staff with extra paint — they’re part of a national experiment to test innovative bike facilities.

I first noticed the markings last week while driving through Allston Village. Running down the right-hand lanes on both sides of Brighton Avenue are bike-priority icons, known as “sharrows” in cyclist parlance, hugged by two sets of dashed lines along either side that make the lane look more like an airport runway.

My first thought: Sharrows on steroids!

And Boston bike czar Nicole Freedman said that’s exactly what they are.

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“Supersharrows” in Oakland
September 19, 2013, 06:47
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Not exactly what I had in mind when I coined the term some years ago, but pretty cool. These look essentially like a green stripe bike lane painted right down the middle of the travel lane. via East BAy Bicycle Coalition:

EBBC compromised with the city of Oakland to allow supersharrows on 40th St. in return for real bike lanes on West MacArthur Boulevard, which are being studied. The compromise was made necessary by neighborhood concerns about  narrowing newly planted medians to make room for bike lanes and AC Transit concerns about bus service impacts if a traffic lane was removed for bikes. EBBC prefers bike lanes over supersharrows for any street with significant traffic or higher speeds, but we first want to hear what you think. Thanks for providing feedback.

via 40th St Supersharrows: What do you think? | East Bay Bicycle Coalition.