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Public comments on NY hydrofracking were 10-to-1 against

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Fracking risk is exaggerated…
January 11, 2012, 19:58
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…especially if you completely ignore the millions of gallons of toxic waste water and dozens or even hundreds of tons of solid waste that result from every frac, as this curious little article in New Scientist does:

Fracking risk is exaggerated – environment – 11 January 2012 – New Scientist.

Some of the water is recycled. It’s unclear exactly how much.

Enjoy your little device
January 11, 2012, 08:41
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Steve Jobs didn’t have to set up his business with such poor conditions for those making all the Apple products, but he chose to do that. And we chose to buy them. But that blissful ignorance is breaking down.

Correction: My brother tells me these are Bill Gates’ slaves, not Steve Jobs’ slaves. Building XBoxes.