Industrialized Cyclist Notepad

Denver: Taste the Benzene

I’m offering that up as a possible new official slogan for the city.

“Benzene, also known as benzol, is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor. Benzene evaporates into air very quickly and dissolves slightly in water. Benzene is highly flammable. Most people can begin to smell benzene in air at 1.5-4.7 parts of benzene per million parts of air (ppm) and smell benzene in water at 2 ppm. Most people can begin to taste benzene in water at 0.5-4.5 ppm. One part per million is approximately equal to one drop in 40 gallons….”



Shortage of fracking sand

…a.k.a. proppant. Didn’t see that one coming, Baker Hughes didn’t either apparently.

The Newberry Volcano

This whole thing was inspired by a Rolling Stones greatest hits collection.

Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

“The new frontier is places…” Could use an Enhanced Editing System at USA Today.