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Florida Will Lose Its Freshwater Springs, and the people there will somehow blame everyone but themselves

Just watch.

Just a few years ago, a request for 13 million gallons would not have turned many heads.

But water experts and environmentalists say the effects are cumulative. Although water use has recently decreased, the amounts over all have been set too high for too long and the consequences are only now becoming obvious, they say.

Florida’s population boom led to an increase in the number of people and businesses demanding sprinklers (more water is used outside the home than inside). All of it is groundwater from the Florida Aquifer. The decrease in rainfall in central and northern Florida has worsened the situation.

“We are either in or headed for a water crisis,” said Estus Whitfield, a former principal environmental adviser to five Florida governors.

via Florida Worries as Growth Threatens Its Freshwater Springs –


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