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Kenyan Riders aim for Tour de France

I call dibs on the movie rights.

We could all get together and sponsor a high-altitude training camp for these guys. I know a lot of people who would love to host these athletes in their homes as they train in the high mountains. We have uniquely high paved roads here in Colorado.

Since joining the team two years ago, Kipchumba, 26, has excelled. He says that running success translates smoothly to cycling, but that athletes in Iten remain reluctant to make the switch.

“When you come from running, the lungs are very big,” Kipchumba said. “When I started to train on a bike, I was breathing well. My legs were also used to pain. I had less pain than the others. The only problem is the fear of the sport of cycling. They don’t know much about the sport.”

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Florida Will Lose Its Freshwater Springs, and the people there will somehow blame everyone but themselves

Just watch.

Just a few years ago, a request for 13 million gallons would not have turned many heads.

But water experts and environmentalists say the effects are cumulative. Although water use has recently decreased, the amounts over all have been set too high for too long and the consequences are only now becoming obvious, they say.

Florida’s population boom led to an increase in the number of people and businesses demanding sprinklers (more water is used outside the home than inside). All of it is groundwater from the Florida Aquifer. The decrease in rainfall in central and northern Florida has worsened the situation.

“We are either in or headed for a water crisis,” said Estus Whitfield, a former principal environmental adviser to five Florida governors.

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Ugh.. Robomney…

Heavy Water at Point Lepreau

“Heavy water…” Doesn’t sound so dangerous does it?

About 300 litres of tritiated heavy water spilled on May 21 when a valve opened too soon during pressure testing at the plant.

NB Power crews were testing the system that transfers heat from the reactor up to steam powered turbines as part of preparations to restart the plant when they overpressurized the system.

Poor planning, training led to leak

Rzentkowski said poor planning, training and human error led to the leak, which officials have said was contained in a sealed room and cleaned up without endangering staff or the environment.

“Supervisors were not trained in the operation of the test equipment. Supervisors could not provide active oversight and guidance over the test,” said Razentkowski.

There were two previous spills at Lepreau.

On Dec. 13, less than six litres of heavy water splashed to the floor, forcing an evacuation of the building.

The following day, NB Power issued a statement saying that three weeks earlier another spill had occurred. About 23 barrels of water laced with the toxic chemical hydrazine was released into the Bay of Fundy.

Both incidents occurred as part of preparations for restarting the plant.

via Nuclear watchdog unable to closely monitor Point Lepreau – New Brunswick – CBC News.

Georgia Gould is noticing things

… says that UCI winnings for cyclocross races were ten times more for elite men than they were for elite women.

“This looks like a pretty strong case of discrimination,” Gould said. “I understand men’s fields are deeper. There are more guys racing. OK, you don’t make it equal 20 places deep. But the top few people? You don’t get a discount like, ‘Oh, you’ve got (breasts). You pay less for your plane ticket.’ Or when I buy my license from the UCI, they’re not, like, ‘Oh, you’re a woman. You pay 10 percent of what the men pay.’ I train just as hard. You don’t go the same distance.

via Mountain biker Georgia Gould fought for equal pay for women | All Things Colorado Sports — The Denver Post.

“‘Oh, you’ve got (breasts)'” is among best ever newspaper quotations, lovin’ those parentheses.