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Kenyan Riders aim for Tour de France

I call dibs on the movie rights.

We could all get together and sponsor a high-altitude training camp for these guys. I know a lot of people who would love to host these athletes in their homes as they train in the high mountains. We have uniquely high paved roads here in Colorado.

Since joining the team two years ago, Kipchumba, 26, has excelled. He says that running success translates smoothly to cycling, but that athletes in Iten remain reluctant to make the switch.

“When you come from running, the lungs are very big,” Kipchumba said. “When I started to train on a bike, I was breathing well. My legs were also used to pain. I had less pain than the others. The only problem is the fear of the sport of cycling. They don’t know much about the sport.”

via In Country of Runners, Kenyan Cycling Team Faces Uphill Climb –


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