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Pakistan Drone Strike Map


The US has launched drone strikes in Pakistan over 330 times with up to 3,247 casualties – including up to 852 civilians.

The More Effective Evil craves the legitimacy of your middle class “liberal” vote as a ratification for its More Effective Evil policies.


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You think casualties would be more limited under McCain? Under Romney? If we abandoned drone strikes for conventional war? 100,000 Iraqis died under George W. Bush. I’m not happy about 852 civilian deaths, but let’s get real: NO American president is going to simply sit on his or her hands and wait for the next 9/11.

Comment by Bill Andersoot

Whoever becomes president next will have Obama to thank for codifying the most un-American, un-Constitutional and anti-deomocratic practices imaginable. Maybe if Romney were doing it, so-called liberals would have something to say about blatantly un-American, un-Constitutional and anti-democratic policies that are being normalized by the Obama administration. Policies that in my opinion create more terrorists than they ‘eradicate.’

Comment by roberthurst

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