Industrialized Cyclist Notepad

Light Vehicle Sales

…with vehicle miles traveled in yellow.



Fuel economy in the U.S.


The recent drop in oil consumption is not due to increases in fuel efficiency.

Gasoline stocks 1981-2012

U.S. stocks of finished gasoline, via EIA.

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VMT still busted

The latest govt. numbers. April ’12 down a little over April ’11. 53 months and counting.


Right here in Kenowa Hills. That’s Trouble with a capital T which rhymes with B and that stands for Bike.

Biking Kenowa Hills seniors punished:

Police Unity Tour Honors Those Killed in Line of Duty

When cops ride bikes for any reason, it’s good for bicyclists.

On May 9, the police chief leaves behind the bulletproof vest and paperwork to embark on a 300-mile bicycle trek from Florham Park, NJ to Washington D.C. for the 16th annual Police Unity Tour.

Over 1,400 officers rode last year, raising $1.5 million to maintain the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and museum to honor those who gave their lives while on the clock. Over 19,000 names are on the wall. Nine alone have died in the last month.

For Ward, on his third Unity trip, it’s personal.

“I’ve lost a few friends over the years in the line of duty,” he says.

via Police Chief Riding to Remember the Fallen – Ridgewood, NJ Patch.

If you see something, say something

Via Naked Capitalism, sign maker and photographer are unknown (to me).

Vehicle Miles Traveled up slightly in February

+ 1.8% Over Feb. 2011…

Moving 12-month total.