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Murder or Coincidence

Turns out the drunk who ran over and killed Michel Van Duym had a real psychological problem with cyclists. Looks real bad.

LYONS – The driver facing charges in a crash over the weekend that killed a bicyclist in Lyons spoke out against cyclists at a series of public meetings in 2010.Catherine Olguin with the Boulder County District Attorneys Office says Patrick Ward is due in court Thursday at 2 p.m.Deputies arrested Ward Saturday afternoon in Lyons on eight charges, including vehicular homicide, for the death of a Boulder bicyclist.Ward lives in Lyons and has gone on the record in that town out at least six times to express his displeasure with the cyclists who share the road.Lyons resident Colleen Dickes understands the tension between people in cars, and people on bikes.”Theres a lot of cyclists,” Dickes said. “People are always trying to avoid them. I think there is always going to be a friction.”Patrick Ward knew that friction well.Lyons Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen confirmed to 9NEWS that Ward, 69, spoke at public meetings in March, April, May, June, and July of 2010 when the town was considering a 10-year plan that included promoting cycling in Lyons.

via Driver in crash that killed cyclist in Lyons expressed growing frustration with bicyclists |


Stage 6 is Where It’s At

Much of the course of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge seems like it was designed by Chambers of Commerce, not bike racing professionals. The Breck – CS stage, for instance, which begins with Hoosier Pass then rolls flat and downhill for a zillion miles to the finish, is almost a waste. But stage 6, Golden to Boulder (by way of Nederland and Lyons), is going to provide a lot of action and a lot of separation. There aren’t any flat roads on this route — even the flat sections are hilly. There will be some desperate moves on the final climb up Flagstaff Mountain. Great stage. Saturday. (Wednesday’s Gunnison – Aspen stage includes two big passes and should also provide some G.C. fireworks — watch that final descent into Aspen, very tricky.)

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