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Total would like you to forget that it has two gas leaks spewing right now

Maybe if they only talk about one of them, the public will think it’s the only one…

The leak at its Obite natural gas site has forced the company to evacuate those nearby and led to daily monitoring of air and water surrounding the plant in Nigeria’s Rivers state. However, Total’s Nigerian subsidiary hasn’t made any public statement about the leak since it likely began following an incident March 20, though the company has given near-daily updates about a similar leak at a plant off the United Kingdom in the North Sea.

via The Oil Drum | Drumbeat: April 14, 2012.

Off-shore Nigeria
March 12, 2012, 11:33
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Chevron’s Nigerian Rig Fire Stopped Burning, Still Leaking?

In familiar fashion, there is some difference of opinion about whether the well is still leaking. A relief well was drilled but didn’t do the trick.

Chevron Corp released a statement declaring that the raging fire had gone out by itself. “The site of the Funiwa 1A natural gas well offshore Nigeria ceased burning on Friday, March 2. The well stopped flowing on its own,” the statement said. “CNL (Chevron Nigeria Limited) has detected no natural gas flowing from the well since the fire ceased burning and is monitoring the area continuously.”

Nigerian communities local to the area have confirmed that the fire has indeed gone out, but claim that the gas is still leaking at a steady rate, and has killed many fish and polluted the area.

Matthew Sele, from the town of Koluma just near to the offshore rig, said that, “The fire has been put off since Friday, but the gas emission is worse. Raw gas is continuing to bubble in the air and is making it hard for people to breathe.”

via Chevron's Nigerian Rig Fire Finally Goes Out on its Own.

(This is about five days old.)

Protests in Nigeria after gov’t ends fuel subsidy
January 3, 2012, 10:59
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Gas prices more than doubled overnight. There were other frustrations behind the protests, for instance lack of freedom, truth and justice.

Protest turns violent in Nigeria’s megacity after gov’t ends cherished fuel subsidy – The Washington Post.