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Khyber Pass Wins Again

What is that, like 4 – 0?

It’s easy to stop a war if you control the supply lines. Just put a ‘kink in the hose.’ Without stuff — fuel and equipment — there’s no war.

Pakistan has virtually shut down US supply lines to Afghanistan after US-Pak relations soured to the latest low. They can still bring in some stuff, but not nearly enough fuel and supplies to prosecute a war.

Interesting — no mention of fuel supply in the piece at all. Fuel supply is the immediate issue. It takes an endless convoy of tanker trucks to make big war in Afghanistan. You live by the power, you die by the power. Lao Tzu. Look it up. Khyber Pass wins again.

WASHINGTON — Thousands of tons of military equipment intended for the Afghan army and police is stranded in Pakistan, which for months has refused to reopen ground supply routes for NATO convoys despite high-level U.S. pressure, a new Pentagon report says.

via Equipment for Afghan army is stranded in Pakistan, Pentagon says –


Defending the pipeline
January 10, 2012, 06:34
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…may be impossible.

From a very interesting article on the potential of oil production from Iraqi Kurdistan at the Oil Drum.

There’s a lot to consider on this map.