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63-mile Glenwood-Vail bike path halfway built, unfunded

The planned regional trail system will be 63 miles long and will travel from Glenwood Canyon to Vail Pass with a connection to Red Cliff. Thirty-three miles are complete; 30 miles remain to be built. Four miles are to be constructed this year. The cost to complete the remaining sections is $20 million, and $500,000 is collected annually for the trails fund.

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49 Months

VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) up slightly in December relative to last December, but down overall for the year, and below its previous peak now for 49 months. With fuel prices on the rise it doesn’t look like it will break above that for quite some time — if ever.

But what do I know.. People are buying cars again. It’s Halftime in America and “the SUV is back.”

From the DOT:

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