Industrialized Cyclist Notepad

This kind of sums it all up

Bill Black:

“Neither administration has prosecuted any elite CEO for the epidemic of mortgage fraud that drove the ongoing crisis. This contrasts with over 1,000 elite felony convictions arising from the S&L debacle. The ongoing crisis caused losses more than 70 times greater than the S&L debacle and the amount of elite fraud driving this crisis is also vastly greater than during the S&L debacle. Bank CEOs leading “accounting control frauds” now do so with impunity from the criminal laws. They become wealthy through fraud and even if they are sued civilly they almost invariably walk away wealthy with the proceeds of their frauds.”


Ready to refine rare earth in Malaysia

…and create all kinds of interesting by-products.

Interactive energy map of New York City

Block-by-block, very cool. Some areas are grayed out due to lack of information.