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Bills Seek to Ban U.S. LNG Exports

RIGZONE – Bills Seek to Ban U.S. LNG Exports.

At least, pass something to outlaw any gas company that exports from the US from making happy talk about “energy independence.”

Juuust a bit outside

This was the EIA’s thought on future oil prices just nine years ago:

From an article on EIA predictions at Seeking Alpha:


Shared E-Bikes in SF

Hilly San Francisco to Get Shared Electric-Bikes : TreeHugger.

As awesome as the bike is as a way to get around, sometimes human muscles don’t quite pack enough oomph to deal with hilly terrain.

Especially if the bike, even without the motor, weighs almost as much as a Jetta.

While history shows us it is a natural progression to want to add motors to leg-powered bikes (this is the same impulse which brought us the automobile age), the motor makes the bike potentially much more dangerous while taking away most of its health benefit, neither of which is positive for the beginners who tend to be drawn to e-bikes.

But this is an interesting development in the SF bike share program, no doubt.