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Bike of the Day: Serotta cross
March 9, 2012, 13:19
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Red, tig-welded, 853. Too bad about the whole cross thing.




Iraq demands decision from ExxonMobil
March 9, 2012, 12:15
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Kind of like the proverbial jilted lover.

“The government is waiting for Exxon’s answers to decide its final position towards the company and its deals with Kurdistan. The deadline expires in the coming few days,” Abdullah said.

Exxon Mobil late last month disclosed its plans to explore for oil in Iraq’s Kurdistan in the company’s annual report, breaking months of silence over the investment that has outraged Baghdad.

via Iraq Sets Deadline for ExxonMobil – Exploration.

Sample my new mountain biking book

If you dare, over here.

The book is called The Art of Mountain Biking: Singletrack Skills for All Riders.

Big Oil vs. Big Gas

Kochs don’t like govt. picking winners and losers — especially if the losers are them.

The idea of using the tax code to spur conversion of trucking fleets has support from many Democrats and Republicans, and enjoys some powerful backers.

They include billionaire energy magnate T. Boone Pickens, Reid and President Obama, who touted his own natural-gas vehicles plan in a Wednesday speech. (A White House spokesman couldn’t be reached for comment on the Senate proposal specifically.)

But groups influential in GOP circles including Heritage Action (an arm of the Heritage Foundation), the Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Prosperity have long been battling the natural-gas plan.

via Natural-gas tax fight between Koch, Pickens reaches Senate floor – The Hill's E2-Wire.

Jet fuel prices

Via LA Times:

Patty Smith, who flew to Los Angeles from Portland, Ore., for a recent vacation, said she saw no empty seats on her Southwest Airlines flight and can’t remember the last time she has had an empty seat next to her on a flight.

“As small as I am, I felt cramped,” said the petite woman as she waited for a taxi from Los Angeles International Airport.

She went home and wrote an angry song about it.

via Airfares climb, routes disappear as fuel prices rise –